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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You are the problem

Revelation chapter 2 the letter to the church in Ephesus
was brought to life this morning by Basilea Schlink a now
decesaed nun from West Germany
If you can't receive from a nun, who knows Jesus better than
you, you are the problem.
That was my lesson this morning, what my wife or kids do
DOES NOT MATTER, if i respond with anything less than the love
of Christ, I am the problem
and the root of the problem is somewhere along the line
"you have left your first love' bridal love intimate love

if you are receiving and giving this kind of love from God
you are and will be truly unshakable in your love and life

So my criticism of others was they were refusing to see the
they were the problem and instead were blaming their problems
on others
and then God used this teaching to convict me of that exact same
thing and with His conviction comes love and grace to change

here is the link if you dare!!

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