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Sunday, September 27, 2009


A person whose way of thinking and feeling and acting is wholly conformed to the will of God. Ultimately, "right" is simply the will of God lived out. "Might makes right" is actually a true saying, because God is ultimate "might" and He alone determines what is ultimately "Right." When a society, or group of people argue that their point of view, in oppposition to God is "right," they are ultimately wrong. Excuses and scientific discoveries and theories all must collapse in a meaningless puddle of nothingness.
God alone establishes what is right.
To think on things athat are right requires a love for the Word of Him thru the Bible. Then our minds will be thinking "right." Then there is hope that our actions will be "right." Not because we now hae a formula, but because we will be seeing as God sees. His ways are right because He is right. Wa are right when we are in line with His will for the moment we are living in. Our "mother and brothers" may be at the door telling us they know what is right, but we must follow what God is leading us to do, He alone knows what is right for us.

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