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Monday, September 21, 2009


little devotionals i wrote for a women's conference

This fruit grows from a tree that knows the depth and the breadth of the kindness that it has been shown. When you truly know that you were deserving of wrath, the fact that you were shown mercy becomes more and more amazing every day. This realization drives you to forgive. You see beyond the hurt to the healing that the other person needs. You are slow to speak because "quick words" are typically cruel and without grace. Kindness risks rejection and embarrassment by pushing open a door that is partially clased so that light and life can come in. This fruit approaches others with the grace of God in a way that they can receive it. There is no formula, only a constant leaning on the God who knows best how to transmit His love and care to a lost and hurting world. The roots of kindness are noursished by events of cruelty and neglect that have been redeemed by the love of the Father. The pain is transformed in a dogged determination to be a vessel of His "Healing Balm."

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