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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

why this waste???

Why this waste?? The disciples "high-sounding" well-thought-out question.
She is pouring out a substance too valuable on You Jesus
She is using way too much, it is filling the whole house
She is being inappropriate and creating a distraction with her
OVER THE TOP worship of you
She is not doing all things in "decency and order"
and Jesus said, basically, my translation
Oh Shut Up! You don't know what she is doing but I am about to label
it with a label that I used at no other time
She is doing a "good" thing and since no one is "good" but God alone
She is doing a God thing and you don't get it so
Shut Up

Why this waste ... Lord when David Brainerd and Oswald Chambers and Jim Eliot and countless others die so young... Why this waste... God is doing a sovereign and a good thing
because God is sovereign and God is good Period.

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