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Saturday, December 6, 2008

the righteous will live by faith

regarding the previous post i believe the grace and mercy of God gave me part of the answer and the way out of the vicious cycle this morning
First came conviction directly from the Holy Spirit that when i give "the look of contempt" and when I grumble and mumble, I am 'in league with' the accuser of the brethren. me and satan are working on a project together when i do that... and that is enough to make me repent
and then
a chapter in a book on the 'blood of Jesus' was made alive to my spirit
"the just/the righteous shall live by faith"
We are made righteous by the blood of Jesus
It is finished
a done deal
a place of abiding that we stand in
a foundation to launch from
right now, because of the blood of Jesus,
I am righteous, right with God, and from that place
I live by faith
so instead of doing satan's work for him, i stop
and i look at others the same way God looks at me,
as righteous by the blood of the lamb
and the Son of Righteousness will arise in my life with healing in His wings
for everyone around me, my wife, my family, my job whatever
thank you Lord, Praise You for the blood of Jesus.

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