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Sunday, September 16, 2007

a star

a little star is still a star

that 'tiny revelation' came to me tonight looking up at the sky
( while leaving the dog out for a 'potty break' )

the point to my heart was, it is not my concern whether or not
the master has made my star "big or small" but simply to rejoice
in Him, to rejoice that He has chosen to make me a star at all,
to rejoice in His choice
His sovereign choosing of me
to put the focus where it belongs on Him and His grace
not me

and an additional thing is this

the way the star appears depends on where I am looking at it from
in other words there are places in the universe where that "little twinkling star" would be closer and larger than the other stars

in any case, thank you God that my name is written in the Lambs book of Life
thank you that even a little twinkling star is still a star
thank you that even a little "drawing near to You causes You to draw near to me"

thank you for speaking to me tonight to appreciate, and even celebrate, the
"distinct loveliness" of my wife
not to try to make her over into 'my image' but to "sow seeds of life"

God will have to work that truth into me, so that it comes out of me and strengthens our marriage, but for now i will rejoice in His creating that 'little star' of a truth in my life and i will not get caught up in evaluating it, i will just rejoice that by the grace of God, it exists!!

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