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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Greed/Covetousness Not So Fast

Continuing through Ephesians 5 Paul mentions greed/covetousness twice and puts it on equal footing with sexual immorality.  In other places in the scripture (1 Thes. and 2 Peter) this same Greek word is spoken of as tainting the motive of ministry.  Money and ministry do not mix. 
It is such a privilege to be light and to be in union with the Messiah, that we must not be distracted by acquiring things.  Our culture is geared to drive us in this direction, but the life of Messiah will resist it if we let Him have control.
Lastly for this study the power of speaking words of life to others and to ourselves was emphasized.  The giving of thanks keeps us from sinking into self-pity, it realigns us with the truth and the goodness of God.
I am truly grateful for all of the people who come out to our Bible Study, each one brings a portion and the whole is therefore a reflection of His heart.

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