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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Go Out and Wait

1 Chronicles 14:8,9  "The minute the Philistines heard that David had been made king over a united Israel, they went out in force to capture David. When David got the report, he..."

How would you finish this sentence?

How you would finish it without looking will tell a lot about how you approach the enemy.

A community of Messiah, filled to all the fullness of the Messiah is hot on the offensive when they see the work of the enemy.

"...marched out to confront them."  But when we march out to meet them, we realize we cannot be, must not be, dependent on our own strength.

10" and David asketh of God, saying, `Do I go up against the Philistines -- and hast Thou given them into my hand?'"
We pause, we selah, we wait on the direction that the Lord gives, and we do not move until He speaks.

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