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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More Questions Than Answers

It is amazing how alive the Bible still is after all these years of reading and studying.

I come away from reading just a few chapters with more questions than answers.

In Leviticus the strange fire of Aaron's two sons results in their being killed by the fire of God.
This means 2 out of the only 5 people living on the earth at that time, consecrated to offer sacrifices
to God were dead.  The remaining 3 (dad and 2 more brothers) were not allowed to leave the area of their consecration and show typical signs of grief.  The word that Moses received from God was that the congregation would do the mourning.  Then at the end of chapter 10 one of the sin offerings was burnt up by the other 2 brothers and apparently it was to be partially burnt and partially saved and eaten.  Moses becomes angry when he sees this, but Aaron (the dad) comes to their defense something like, "Who wants to eat at a time like this?" and Moses calms down.

The Bible says so very little about that whole incident that it leaves you with more questions than answers.  God does that frequently with His written word.  It is as if He wants us dependent on relationship with Him, seeking His face, more than having a book that contains all the answers.

I agree that nothing we hear from Him personally should contradict His Word, but we had better be careful that we have not added our interpretation to the Word, where the Word is silent, because then we will be in the place of those who questioned Jesus and doubted the way of Yeshua simply because He appeared to be not obeying the Word.

Reading through Isaiah 7 through 12 the same thing happened to my heart that happened to Habakkuk.  How can You use this "God hating" nation to bring covenant discipline upon Your people to the point that only a remnant of them survives?  Is this really You?  Is this how You act?  Do I really know You?  When Your wrath breaks out, we are like David when Uzzah died, "Who are You?"

We should be probing these questions now, in the relatively "green tree" before the necessary time of the "dry tree" comes upon us.

Draw us Lord, to redeem the time to seek the face of the God of Jacob.

To know You.

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