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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Don't leave without me, Daddy!

I witnessed a precious moment today.  A young boy, kind of distracted and slow to clean up and slow to follow his dads requests to get ready to go, noticed his dad was headed toward the door and cried out, "Don't leave without me daddy!"  and of course the dad responded, "I will not leave without you."
My heart expanded within me, as I saw the beauty of the exchange.  The reason the post-trib rapture position is so beautiful to me, is because a good daddy, would always say, "I will not leave without you."  The Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ on earth will still be here, loving, laying down their lives and being a light in the world, until the task is done.  The corporate son cries, "Don't leave without me daddy!"  and the father replies, "I will never leave without fulfilling the promises of restoration and the saving of a remnant and the making of an all saved nation, born in a day!"  Praise the amazing faithfulness, mercy and grace of our God.

God spoke to me about being a husband and father, his words were what he spoke to an evil, worthless king of Babylon, "You are weighed in the balance and found wanting."  As I enter into agreement with that sentence, with that judgment, the door is open for the in filling of the Holy Spirit who is more than adequate to be a perfect husband and father.  So, yes Lord, I am found wanting, but pour out your Spirit on me, I will find my joy in You and You will be my strength.

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