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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Can we agree that these hands have done all that they can?

Walking and talking with the Lord of all the earth today. 
1)  We "love" like soccer players lined up to form a wall in front of their goal while the best player from the other team lines up to fire a ball directly at them, we have been hurt in the past so we are covering the parts that matter to us, in the case of love it is our 'heart.'  So we love while covering and protecting our heart.  ONLY when we truly come to a place of walking and talking with the one who loves us and we know His incredible unconditional love for us will be free to open our arms and love, no longer protecting what has been hurt in the past.  Oh God we need a revelation of Your love for us, of Your heart for us.
2)  "Can we agree that these hands have done all that they can?  A precious friend walked through a time of being his wife's primary care giver as ALS removed all her muscle function and took her ability to speak.  On the last night of her life he had done all he could to make her comfortable and to clear her breathing and position everything just right and was just.... done... and at that point he lifted up his hands in front of her and said, "Can we agree that these hands have done all they can?"  This was a seminal moment in time with a lot of meanings.  One of which was we are at the end of ourselves (Daniel 12:7, Deut. 32:36) our flesh is done, dead, out of the way and God can move.  At that moment God healed all her vital signs and kept them good including her collapsed lung, and then once He had done that good work He began to slow her heart down and told the husband, "It is time to call the family and friends and have them get in a last visit."
3)  So the question is have we done all we can?  In that situation with that person, with that division, have we done all we can and taken our hands off and put it all in the Lord's hands?  We are going to hurt if we love, and we intuit that we are going to hurt if we love and that is why we choose not to love.
4)  God is doing a work that is an organism and it is not an organization.  Organism's are far more fragile than structure and organization.

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