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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alabaster box God and hiding the truth from Jewish people for the sake of the gentiles

" Antisemitism is a sign of self righteousness and pride that

 discerns nothing of the true nature of divine election and mercy

that is not based on works. Its resurgence is a modern sign of the

 first magnitude. It is always a portent of disaster and curse upon

 the nations that embrace it, because it represents something 

profoundly near to the heart of God that can only be spiritually 


He gave them up for a brief moment, for their sins, yes, of course, but in a deeper sense, for us, for had He brought them in at that time, as He will surely do at the appointed time (Ps 102:13), where would we be? In a mystery, their momentary blindness is an alabaster box of divine sacrifice of unspeakable cost that to sleight or despise is to provoke His profound displeasure. "  Reggie Kelly

There is a deep truth here, that I would hope some would be willing to "dig" to get.  Remember you rake you get leaves, you dig you get gold.

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