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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Open letter to Pastors

This is what I see in scripture.  Your job first of all is to admit that you should not be the singular leader of the congregation.  The leadership of a local body of believers is to be by an eldership.  Men gifted in differing ways working together to equip the saints.  Is this impossible no, but it will be hard and it does call for humility, but given the opportunity to teach the local gathering the truths of scripture, those who are truly called will be supportive of the change.  The second part may take care of itself.  We need to gather in smaller groups, that are more broken, intimate and vulnerable than the ridiculously large group that we currently meet in.  Lastly, waiting on the Lord, is key in how we move forward, it is costly, it is counter intuitive, it is the truth of the Word, and it brings death to the flesh, like nothing else can.  Grace, peace and mercy from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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