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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Art Katz quotes that speak of suffering in a way no one else can.

So the question comes, "Haven't you listened to that Art Katz teaching a hundred times?" Then on 101, I truly hear this for the first time and I am glad I listened just one more time....#1)   "The more profound the calling, the more profound the preparation, the more necessity for suffering in its attainment. The only reason why you stagger at this, that Israel would have to bear this logic is because you've not received it for yourself, because you don't see the necessity for suffering in the fulfillment of your call and your destiny. That is why your walk and your service is less than and other, than God's apostolic and prophetic intention. You are shrinking from the suffering that is intrinsic to the preparation of any vessel that is to be used by God in the things that pertain to His glory. Because you are unwilling for it yourself you shrink from Israel having to consider it." Message entitled. "Jewish Unbelief"
#2)  "You need a prophetic and priestly intrusion.  You need someone to blow the whistle on things you accepted as normative and thought that was what this life as all about.  This comes from priestly men who see through the apparent things and whose hearts palpitate for the glory of God, and know that there is a sinister world that conspires against truth, against reality, against eternity.  This is the priestly function to show things as God Himself see them to those who would otherwise be mesmerized and live their lives fruitlessly and die that way."  Message entitle "An OVerview of the Mystery of Israel"
#3)"The entrance into the ultimate calling of the 'body of believers' is suffering that is received with gratitude as coming from the hand of God, in His great sovereignty, wisdom and necessity as that which precedes the glory."  Message entitled "Israel the Suffering Servant Part 2"
When God makes us aware of the 'truth of our condition' deep heart felt repugnance at our own efforts takes over, we realize in the very core of our being that we need a Savior and that salvation is from the wrath of God, justly and rightly executed on sin.

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