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Thursday, January 1, 2015


"Truth is expensive and painful, and yet I have not an end of praise for the God who is the God of truth, and whose Spirit is eminently and first the Spirit of truth before He is the Spirit of power.  And more than we have realized the absence of Pentecostal power is in exact proportion to the absence of the Spirit of truth in the earth and among God's people.  And if you want again to see Apostolic glory, which is more than "Amens" and "Hallelujahs", if you want to see again the shadow of a simple fisherman falling on the sick and healing them if you want to see signs and wonders following I think that God is going to have to restore the Spirit of truth to us in such proportion as that if any man come among us and give a part and allow that to appear for the whole, the Spirit of God shall kill him on the spot and he should be carried out feet first.  How many of us would be willing for the restoration of the severity of God, the divine severity of God against a partial lie in order to enjoy again the magnitude of the glory of the Spirit of power that existed in the apostolic age?  Do you hear what I am saying?  There is a world dying for the want of the demonstration of this power, and it shall not return until God's people are willing also for the magnitude of truth, because the Spirit of power is first the Spirit of truth and when that Dove departs He takes His power with Him also.  And if you will understand this and I... I am not trying to be loving, I am much in our charismatic sessions ... I am not speaking about these immediate days, but experiences that we have all had, when we come away with a leaden feeling and the "Amens" and "Hallelujahs" rattle in our ears, but some how our souls have not been uplifted, how much of that has had been an  exercise seeking to fill the void, which would be filled had the Holy Dove  been there in fullness...  Oh children love truth.  Love truth and you will not love it except you be wiling to suffer for it.  And if you are willing to suffer for it, you will find yourself at the cross.  For surely is there one among us in whom there is no deceit, no acting, no posturing, no deception, no subtlety of lies, no ambition of heart, no braggadocio and vehement statement, "Yea though all the world deny you, yet will  I deny you never."  There is a cross to which God is bidding his people come, if they are to be established in this last age, from which we shrink because it is painful, but when we see Him who suffered for the truth, when we see the God who is truth, crucified we are willing also to enter into that portion of suffering which is ours.  We can say with Paul, "that the suffering of the present time is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us."  (Suffering and glory)   Art Katz  transcribed by me over a period of about 30 minutes because I found it to be soooo very precious.  the message is
"The Cross of Christ 2 of 3"

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