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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Psalm 22:22 and Hebrews 2

I will tell of Your name to my brethren; 
In the midst of the assembly H6951 I will praise You.  Psalm 22:22
Strongs H6951, qahal, pronounced kä·häl'


This "New Testament" verse is the greek translation of Psalm 22:22, the word congregation is the Greek work ekklēsia.
Strongs G1577 pronounced ek-klā-sē'-ä

This verse from James shows another word that is translated in the English, from the same Greek word.
Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church G1577 and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord;  James 5:14

Synagogue is the building that Jews were meeting in, in New Testament times.  
Somewhere along the line, we began using the word "church" for the building where we meet.
So our building had a different name than "their" building so we are different from them.  That is wrong.

But ekklesia is not the name of a building and it is synonymous  with the word kahal.

So to the best of my ability that is my point.  

The ekklesia of God and the kahal of God are the same thing.  His story is one story,  His vessel in the earth to convey that story is one vessel.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog entries, and want to thank you for sharing!
It's been my understanding that the Kahal (some would say grossly translated in the bible) was a community council, an executive board of sorts in the self-governing Jewish community. Is this correct? Have you found this in your studies?

Chuck said...

Kahal is just a gathering could be carpenters or army, or in this case kahal of God, a group whose uniting characteristic is their love of God.
The kahal is all we are ever called to be, and to make up a new word that brings back the wall of separation that Christ specifically came to break down is ludicrous. The worst thing is that this new word now allows me to fancy myself better than others and so "off I go to dinner theatre" while the Jews get slaughtered. Words matter.