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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Task master

I'm task oriented.  If I see things that need done, part of me could care less, but part of me wants to do them, so I have to choose.
I am blessed because God has given me, His eyes for some people, not for all people, because, i think then i would explode, but for some people.  I pray He would increase my capacity to "catch and release" His love for others.
I am passionate about the truth about the end of time and the God of the Day of the Lord.  Scripture has so much to say about this but we get lost looking at the bark on a specific tree and not seeing the big picture of God's promises and His purpose of restoration of all things.  Acts 3:21.
A friend had a dream recently and was impressed by God that maybe things will be beginning to wrap up in a 11-18 year window of time.
I hope he is right.
I am grateful to God for my wife, my kids, my upbringing, my friends, my job, and anyone who gave their life to preserve the truth of the Bible.
This upcoming generation MUST KNOW THEIR GOD.  Knowledge of the Bible or facts or phrases, or creeds is not going to cut it in the near future.

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