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Monday, August 12, 2013

death then resurrection, a way of life

"Death and resurrection is not a doctrine to which God is asking us to subscribe.
It is a mode of being, to which He is asking us to live and to fulfill the remarkable
requirement that is made of us, that CANNOT be performed out of our humanity, however
well-meaning.  Resurrection is the heart of the matter because it is the issue of God, it is
the issue of glory.  It is the issue of the triumph of God in supernaturalness over all that is celebrated in the world that has to do with man.  So the redemption of Israel in the land can never be a humanly achieved proposition, but by its very nature requires a total divine enablement, tantamount to creation istelf out of hopelss chaos, just like the reality by which the cosmos came into being, out of death, destitution, and chaos.
Israel will be established by the same means, for the glory of God the Creator."
 Art Katz "The Resurrection of Dry Bones"  Ezekiel 37

This is what I am trying to get across in my speaking of Post Tribulation.  The church going through the tribulation lines up with a principle in scripture that is from the beginning to the end with its ultimate highlight being the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The preparation of His bride, the Church, will come about in the same way, who but God could arrange for a tribulation that cleanses and purifies the Church.  Will we admit that we need the heat of the furnace to purify us?  The ultimate display of the 'fear of the Lord' is to submit to this time, with a trust and a humility that says, "Not my will, but Yours be done."  Help us, Lord!

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