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Thursday, July 11, 2013

anti e-harmony

After 13 years and one month, I feel I can give this marriage advice.
These are the words on the card I gave my wife for her birthday this year.
She loved it.  It chronicles my progressive understanding and unfolding of "marriage."

Once upon a time I had a good idea.  I was such a good "me" that it would be even cooler to have two of me! (There is a way that seems right to man...)  For years I tried every method to make you another me, but God and you were not very cooperative.  So I gave up and became an island - since I can't swim I should have known that was a bad idea. Nevertheless, I pushed onward until the words "We've gown apart, "  finally landed on my heart. 
 Broken... how had this happened. 
 Grace came and revealed the beauty in who you are - not another "me" but a completing of me - rising up in areas where I fall short, holding together where I fall apart and vice-versa.  Each one of our differences is a blessing.  
Together we make a whole.  We can relax and laugh about this anti-e-Harmony combination that God has brought about.  How long did you say we would come to a point where we rejoiced in our differences.  Very prophetic indeed.  I love you my very different spouse forever. 

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