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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mercy Conviction

“Since the fundamental nature of the Cross is that a man died for you in order that you
don’t have to, if you don’t then respond by giving this same substance of mercy, your
faith is dead. The evidence of your faith in the atonement is fundamentally shown by the
mercy you give.”   Stephen Holmes
ONE HOPE. ONE BOAST. April 20, 2013 Conference
Day 2, Session 2: Mercy And The Cross 5

This quote and my Pastor’s ending comment on our Wed. night teaching last night, have brought conviction to me.
He said, (paraphrasing) “Husbands, you must act quickly and decisively if your children disrespect their mother.  It is damaging to her, and to your marriage and to your kids if you do not.”
On more than one occasion, I have stood by silently while this happened and our family has reaped the whirlwind because of it.
Mercy Lord, is my only cry.

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