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Friday, April 26, 2013

HIs Obstacles

Praying for one of the most precious young women that I know last night, and I was just rolling along praying for "obstacles to be removed and a path cleared for her and her ministry"  when God interrupted me, told me to stop and said, 'Pray for MY obstacles to be put in her path, obstacles that will make her stronger and grow her faith in Me.'  And so I did, and when I shared that with her, there were tears in her eyes, her heart understood what God was saying.
It takes me back to the definition of the fear of the Lord.

"The Fear of the Lord, is the "willingness to justify God in all that He allows into your life."
Trials, temptations, tribulations, suffering... ALL that He allows into your life!"  Roy Hession

And this that I read today, is also another way of saying, 'Live your life in the fear of the Lord.'
"You have to die to self everyday. How? By allowing your circumstances to help you become more like Christ–especially the circumstances you don’t like. Anytime you feel the pain of an insult, disappointment, suffering, physical challenge, failure, injustice, or trial–it’s an opportunity to die to pride, die to ego, die to sin, die to self. And if you keep dying to self, you’ll come alive in ways you never imagined. In fact, you’ll live forever."

Self-pity is a raging sin in my life, I did a "4th step" with my friend Steve the other day and looking back on my resentments, frustration and anger, they are almost all related to self-pity, so repent, and walk in the fear of the Lord.

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