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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hineni Here I am

“Here I am”  are words spoken at least 3 times in the Bible in reply to God.  The first is Abraham.  God calls his name, and his response after a lifetime of getting to know God is, “Here I am.”  It conveys a total availability to the purpose and will of God.  God is about to ask Abraham to sacrifice the son of promise, Isaac.  Abraham’s reply of “Here I am” is a no-holds-barred reply, nothing held back.  This event in Abraham’s life is heavy with importance.  It is the first time in the Bible where the words, ‘love’ and ‘worship’ are mentioned.  It is a portrayal of
God’s own heart of love and willingness to offer up His own Son.  This kind of “all in” availability to God is priceless.  It allows the River of His life to flow powerfully, not just in that event but down through the ages.  I know that God has a greater purpose in all that has, is, and will happen to you.  One of the motivations for being able to say, “here I am” is trusting that it will have a benefit to others lives that can only be compared to an explosion.
The second name that is called is Moses as he turns aside to see the burning bush.  He replies “Here I am,” after 40 years in the back side of the desert taking care of his father-in-law’s sheep.  Far from the fame and glory that used to be his in Egypt.  Far from the fulfillment of the call on his life to lead the Hebrew people ‘out.’  This episode seems to have more to do with a willingness to stop and consider the call of God.  God very patiently ‘discusses’ with Moses the call, Moses reluctance, Moses looking inward for the means, Moses “what if-ing”.  God is very gentle with Moses.  He gave God, “Here I am” but then began to doubt, those doubts, do not sway God, they do not stop or hinder the call on Moses life.  Praise Him!
The third time is the answer of Isaiah to the call of God, “Whom shall I send and who will go for Us?”   “Here I am” replies Isaiah and with that reply becomes a prophet whose writings most clearly show the ‘suffering Servant,” Jesus in the Old Testament.
So my encouragement to you to is to reply to God, “Here I am.”  Through each moment of this journey, the lonely times, the hard times, the doubting times.  That will be my prayer for you.

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