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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

True Prophets and barking dogs

We have many dogs in our neighborhood, that bark at everything.  I was thinking yesterday.  When a real prowler comes, no one will pay attention to those dogs, because they bark at everything.  Quickly on the heels of that thought came this thought, that is why Art Katz and others are so jealous for the word prophet.  many claim the title and tell us of impending doom, earthquakes and tsunami's all of which will happen "soon" and they are watering down the true and necessary word of the 'prophet' with their false alarms.  "Syria is the next thing on God's timetable" I heard one say, oh really, because of one verse in Isaiah you can say that?   It is just
so wrong to put yourself out there as speaking for God.  Oh for the true prophet and the true word of God!

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