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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"How is that Spirit of Christ going to come into a world desperate for reality and truth? He needs a body to indwell; He needs flesh and blood to convey the very Spirit of Jesus. We have been busy preparing ourselves with all the riches of the world. We have supposed that what He is waiting for is a Church confident of its power, able to match and outdo the world in assertiveness, grandeur, and wealth. But He has been waiting for a very different Church, a very different body to convey Him into His kingdom and into the world; a Church that most resembles a lowly donkey, a colt. ..And we--and the world--shall not see Him again until we are willing to be that.
If at the heart of a lie is pride and arrogance, than at the heart of the truth is humility." Art Katz in the book "The Spirit of Truth"

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