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Friday, July 15, 2011

Romans 8 leads into Romans 9

I love it when a simple truth is also a deep amazing revelation.
Romans 8 leads to Romans 9.

Romans 8 finishes with the amazing section that a whole list of things that can happen to us, DO NOT separate us from His love. Then Paul says the love that God has put in him for Israel, leads him to be willing for the ultimate being 'cut off' from God, if it would mean their salvation. Then he describes the great mystery of the ages, how God elected a nation, how He allowed that nation to turn from Him and kill their Messiah, how He turned that death into salvation for the gentiles (and believing Jews), and how ,now, the call to the church is to be willing for the whole list of things from Romans 8 to happen to them as they reach out with supernatural magnanimity to a people who are being extremely persecuted (beyond the Nazi time) in the last days. Our reaching out to them means our loss, our being associated with them means, like Corrie ten Booms' family, we may be hunted down and killed with them, but that knowledge does not stop us from loving because NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. In showing that kind of supernatural love, we prepare the hearts of ‘Israel’ to receive the return of the “one whom they had pierced.”
Only God in His grace and mercy could reveal that to my mind, and heart I am so grateful to Him

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