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Thursday, July 30, 2009

2nd corinthians and hypocrisy and persecution

2nd Corinthians has so much to say about those who are truly called into ministry, that i refuse to pick out a verse or series of verses. Read the whole thing, it can be done in one sitting and read it as seeing what Paul has to say about the qualifications and preparations to be a minister of God.

last nights Bible study on hypocrisy in giving Matt. 6:1-4 (the emphasis is completely on YOU beware of Your own hypocrisy, not try to figure out if anyone else is)
My random thought was if hypocrisy is the contagious disease, what is the CURE that God allows fo flow in from the outside....
My wife "got it"... Persecution --- there are no "mega-churches" in China, or any other country where persecution is a daily occurence, house-churches gather and true love and brokeness prevail. So here is a question; are there really, i mean REALLY any "mega-churches" anywhere?...
my answer is, no, only what "looks like" a mega-church in the absence of persecution.

So AMEN Come Lord Jesus, purify Your church!!
8 minute video from David Wilkerson on "travail"

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