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Thursday, October 23, 2008


repentance, true revival begins with it,
i spent my quiet time this morning reading the 4 gospel accounts of the crufixion, what God did next was a true gift from Him
as i began to pray for my family
a spirit of repentance came over me and i deeply repented with tears for failing to be a true and good reflection of our True and Good God, for my wife and for each child, individually, slowly, i repented; incidents came back to my memory and repentance and tears flowed and then a desire to pray for my wife's dad came over me
and the prayer was broken and compassionate, that just as Abraham interceded for Lot and the angels, literally pulled him out of his evil surroundings, that same prayer rose up in me, not so much from evil surroundings as from hell and death, it was a truly blessed time a gift from God's perfecting love

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