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Saturday, September 13, 2008

human all too human

that is the title of an amazing sermon and also it is the way i feel today. In helping my wife prepare for a ladies conference i worked on 12 of the "Names of God" for posters for a prayer room. People prayed for the names of the ladies attending the conference and what Name of God to match up with them. Jehovah M'Kaddesh ending up having just two names out of the 90 or so attendees. God said, this Name was special
because with it comes a priestly call. A call
to apply the blood of Jesus, and its power to set you apart,
to all of your relationships and dealings with this world.
As one who is set apart for God’s purpose, you are in a
position to intercede for His purposes to be accomplished.
It is a far greater, deeper, wider, call than anyone could ever
One of the ladies this name was "for" was a person i have been very critical of and at times even "against"... so i felt the weight of conviction to repent of being used by the enemy who was trying to thwart the plans of God for her life, and found a willing partner in me... No More, I repented before God and prayed a blessing on her life.
The official number, that God accepts in our lives, of people that we can be critical of and against is......... ZERO!!!.

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Chuck said...

this is so good and so true, praise God for your ability to be transparent and vulnerable and lead others by way of your example honey...lve you....Laura