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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

need to vent

so what's the b-i-g d-e-a-l ? what does it matter what a person believes about the end times?
you believe in pre-trib rapture, i believe the church will go thru the tribulation period, oh well no big deal.........yuk
i am about to vent and will make no effort to correct or coral my passion on this subject, beware..

the pre-trib rapture view, speaks of a church too fragile, too wimpy, to experience the tribulation period... a church so lacking in love that it waves bye-bye to the millions who will have to walk thru the tribulation period, because they are "God's favorites" and shouldn't have to endure such a bad bad time ... a church not filled with power from on High that could shine as a light during such a bad bad time... that could, even in dying as martyrs be a city on a hill, that others would see and understand, that the love that is willing to lay down its life for others is a picture of the God who wants to heal, save, and love them
the pre-trib rapture view caters to a selfish, non-loving heart and when it proves to be a lie, yes i said A LIE, many who had their Heart set on "getting out before it gets bad bad" will FALL AWAY, their love will grown cold, their agape love will grow cold, it is almost too much to imagine... who is sufficient for these things, who can cry out against the selfish heart that is being nurtured and cuddled and promoted in these days IN THE CHURCH
God help us
can't we see that the whole tenor of the New Testament, the Theme, the major issue is Love, love that is willing for its very life to be 'given up' in order to see others come to know the God who is love, so shouldn't the church be willing, expecting, preparing, to be the same type of suffering servant that the Lord of the church demonstrated by His Life on this earth...
A pure, spotless bride. Show me any other thing that will change the current church into a pure spotless bride??? beeeepppp time's up, the only answer is tribulation,
the martyrs cry out under the altar in revelation and the answer given them is their number is not yet full... give that some thought and so will i

meanwhile thanks for letting me "go off" i feel better

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