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Monday, June 23, 2008

thank you daddy

i was looking for a place to turn in my "parenting card" and quit yesterday
there is no harder job,
if we truly understand it, it will drive us to our knees seeking wisdom and
understanding very very often

my youngest, the one in the picture was in charge of my "teaching time" yesterday
something was occuring which caused him to scream, to make his need known,
i believe his sister was blocking his exit from the table
my "cup" was running low, and so i quickly and in anger, scooped him up and over
her and plopped him down on the floor ( i try to keep this blog open and honest)

his response was my lesson, in complete purity and innocence, he said, "thank you, daddy"
and went on his merry way, totally overlooking the fact that the "service" had been
performed in anger and not gently

O God help us, help us, when we wrongly think that something has come to us
that is too harsh too overwhelming, too much for us to handle, help us O God, to
look up and with all innoncency and trusting love, say "Thank you, Daddy"

a book i am reading uses one of the main characters to refer to God as "Papa"
i like it, i think it would benefit me and soften and make more intimate my interactions
with God, if ... from my heart... i can say "Papa"

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Jaime said...

If we could only, always, learn from moments like these!