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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oswald, and a rant

Chew on this by Oswald from today's reading
do not go fast
chew on it
"A conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men." Acts 24:16
God's commands are given to the life of His Son in us, consequently to the human nature in which His Son has been formed, His commands are difficult, but immediately we obey they become divinely easy.
such a deep and amazing truth, God give us a conscience void of offence toward you and toward men!!
the rant
the lie of "God will rapture you out before the tribulation and persecution"
has succeeded in creating a fat, lazy, self-centered, stain filled, bride--- that has nothing in common with the pure spotless bride that MUST come out of persecution and fire, the fire that purifies, the suffering that makes us like Christ, it MUST come it MUST be recieved with the grace to walk thru it, trusting in the God who we cannot see, who does NOT come thru for us in the time of our choosing, the bride
'who loved not their lives unto the death ' Revelation 12:11
Oh God have mercy on us, on Your Church, help us Lord to speak the truth in love.

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