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Monday, November 12, 2007

my desire

my desire is to be given a new heart by my Loving Powerful God
a new heart that uses my "free-time" to receive and give out His Love
a new heart that "loves God and hates sin"
a new heart that speaks the truth with uncompromising unafraid boldness
a new heart that apologizes and quickly makes things right when they are wrong
a new heart that laughs and enjoys the simple pleasures
a new heart that carries the burden of the Lord, without appearing burdened
a new heart that has a lazer focus on what is truly important
a new heart that chooses to dwell on the good, pure, true, right, honorable, lovely
thank you God, it is You who gives the new heart, my part is to ask,
so thank you God for a new heart, continue to renew and transform me into the image
of Your Son Jesus.

and just a short question for the current news item,.. the financial investigation
of tv preachers...
If the gospel you preach promises financial prosperity to people, shouldn't you
be more than happy to "brag about" how rich Jesus has made you, so that you
can show how well your "gospel" is working?
seriously this is a wonderful opportunity for each one of these ministries to repent
and say, "Wow we got way off track from the hard and narrow way of Jesus, sorry."
I pray that at least one of them will see the light and do this.

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